Monday, May 30, 2011

Dress yourself as if you dress your boyfriend..

Hi Fashion,

Its holidays and life is exploded with excitement...close your eyes and think of beach, yacht, flippers, volleyball and shades..ahhh, so good, so heat..

As the life goes good, so as our closet should be..and wats new in our own collection, and wats new in the business...
I could say table cloth dresses from SS Dolce&Gabbana,is a new cool, actually the whole collection is so sexy feminine , breezy, light and white.....not reffering to one particular dress..

owh, ok, if that is not the latest 'new', what about FW collection, the star is the new polkadot? I think so..I love stars..and wat about androgynous look that domenico and stefano presented in the show...that totally refreshing!

When girls be gentle, that gorgeous...and look expensive...
The hat, the suit...and the character...cut off your hair girls dont be bitch, but be bloke!

Until next entry..da~

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