Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brunch...and the talk.

Its 11.11 am and im, I decided to take some coffee to freshen up..
As I enter into pantry, theres is three guys,having their drinks ,considered brunch.
After I get my coffee, I straight away approach them, and talk.
I dont care watever they are talking about, just want to say HI and leave..

What did they say?
-nice frames, smart! 
-u are now in wrong field, should be in art, not IT.
-(while pointing to another guy) u shuld teach him how to style..

What did I say?
-Today im not even take a shower..
-Look at my messy hair(maybe it match well with my frames)
-(while pointing to the guy that were ponted just now) Ouh, I love your knee ripped jeans.Style!

Is there moral values in this conversation?
-I think I have 1...dun miss your BRUNCH..dats all..
Untill next entry..Da~

1 comment:

  1. wowww.... colleagues kau hot2 mcm gamba kat ats nih ker???? hehehe..... ;p